Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Incredulity on the rise

I was just starting to read a post by Alice over at UK Bubble ( the hints in the name ) on house prices where she talks about how much faith people used to have in house prices. I can remember telling my own neighbour in 2007 that things were heading for a crunch - but no one wanted to listen in those days. Things would carry on as they had before.

But now the crowd knows better.

The blog post I'm referring to is about Bond prices heading for a reality based correction, but there are plenty of other normal assumptions that the crowd has that are vulnerable. They are all heading for a crunch with reality soon:

  • the Euro can continue;
  • immigration can be accommodated in the UK at the current rate;
  • life can just continue as normal as the new emerging powers take more and more of the resources that used to go to the west;
  • all three traditional main parties can continue to treat there members with utter disdain;
  • austerity in the Euro-region can just be enforced by EU appointed technocrats;
  • Taiwan can continue independent of China, guaranteed by the US;
  • the Arab world can feed and employ its rapidly exploding population;
  • the US will be able to afford all its carrier battle groups and massive military whilst having its debt funded by China, and;
  • the UK can continue on its current debt fuelled decline, pursued by continuity Brown (Osborne) just as firmly as by Darling, without a crisis.
Can you think of any others ?

In short credit is down, incredulity is up - dangerously so as West Bradford has given us a glimpse of. But is it up enough to help us be motivated enough to defused the UXBs ( Unexploed Bubble's - my redef ) lying around our world.


Woodsy42 said...

That the old age pension will continue to be paid.
That the government can keep order in the country.
That people will be able and permitted to travel freely.
That private property, such as your house, will remain inviolate.

Alice Cook said...

The only constant in life is change.

Anonymous said...

That free lance criminals will be no longer tolerated . In future they will have to be licenced. And pay prison tax.
Bread will continue but no circus's.
Votes will be worth $500 to each voter.
Global warming will make Bradford a holiday resort.