Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drill for the economic recovery baby - drill !

At last the green light has been given for shale gas production using the hydraulic fracturing technique in the UK.

The initial estimates of reserves were massive, but use of this technique in these sorts of rock formations is still novel and we can't yet be sure of how much hydrocarbons can be recovered, or indeed the precise size of reserves. ( Uncertainty is a big part of the business of oil and gas exploration and production. )

In the US, which is ahead of us here, cheap shale gas is helping reduce energy prices and driving their economic recovery. The US has gone from a net gas importer to an exporter in a short period of time. This is in danger of being one of those black swan moments that will be get used as the prime example for Naseem Taleb's hypothesis for years to come.

Of course the Green's a spinning like their windmills ( except when its too windy, or not windy enough, or the grid doesn't want the power when its blowing etc etc ).

Their plan for mass poverty and high unemployment caused by energy poverty rationed by sky high energy prices is in ruins. Now having failed to impose socialist tyranny and misery at the ballot box their plan B of suing environmentalism looks in doubt. ( The our politicians do seem especially slow and dim witted in realising that the games up. )

They cling to any excuse they can - the flaming taps example ( which you could have achieved before the fracking happened by the way ) or a small Earth tremor in Blackpool. ( Notice how only the Shale Gas fracking is considered wrong not the geothermal power production under Newcastle ).

If were lucky all this may start to feed into cheaper power costs, more jobs and an economic recovery. Government should do everything it can to encourage it - and keep the anti-human green lunatics out of the way. Those who protest should be locked up - somewhere preferably without power, heat and just enough food - the sort of prison they want for the rest of us and our children.

So drill baby drill !

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Archie Dean said...

"Now having failed to impose socialist tyranny and misery at the ballot box..........."

They have? I think you'll find the 'destination tyranny' is still very much a work in progress.
As all three principal parties - along with nearly all the minor ones - are socialist parties, the ballot box remains a very potent weapon in the forced collectivist armoury.

Democracy always ends in tyranny, which is why it invariably fails in the long run.

As for the gas drilling - as you say, bring it on! Cheaper energy would be a very welcome relief in the current economic climate.