Thursday, April 19, 2012

How fracking can save England

This post by the Economist's current Baghot columnist shows what the stakes could be over the UK, and especially English, Shale oil & gas reserves.

In short we could be energy independent for a long time, and not dependent on the insane areas of the world where we currently have to send vast sums of cash which some of them then use trying to destroy our society.

The flies in the ointment are the left ( Greens etc ) and the EU. The greens love poverty and the evil of desperation and deprecation for their little selfish fantasies and are concerned that a good energy source might stop their left wing utopia being forced on a captive population. The EU will screw things up just by being itself and over regulating to please French peasants and Green Germans.

Yet another reason to leave the EU.


James Higham said...

Happy St George's Day to you, MiaS.

Man in a Shed said...

And to you also James.

I was hoping to go to the CEP St Georges day dinner - but I have a prior appointment that can't be broken.

Next year ...

Rossa said...

The irony MiaS is that the Greenies are also supporting carbon capture where a gas is to be pumped into the rocks. Reports are coming out that this will also potentially cause cracks in the rocks releasing the CO2. So extracting gas via fracking = BAD, pumping gas in = GOOD!

The Watermelons just love to have it both ways in much the same was as their God of Global Warming causes hot and cold weather.