Wednesday, August 03, 2011

#SillyWeek: Mad Dog Al Nutter to lecture US & UK on fiscal responsibility

Dr Al Nutter, the Mad Dog of the desert, launched one of his 5 hour rants on Liabyan TV from an undisclosed bunker, but still sitting in his electric golf cart berating the US and other western infidels on there failure to balance the book.

Dr Al Nutter pointed out the following keys facts during his wide ranging lecture that also seemed to keep returning to the theme of hiring models and paying them to sit mostly undressed to hear his lectures on moral living:

  1. When he had committed acts of terrorism it had been "fully funded". He had never needed to borrow money from the Chinese to they pay them back again for the rare earth metals to put in some decadent over the horizon fire and forget Western guidance system.
  2. Even now, despite the efforts of the evil NATO he was more solvent than the entire Western world, just based on his Swiss bank account and a pile of Gold ( you can't trust the dollar these days ) he has buried away in the great desert.
Dr Nutter offered to return to the London School of Left Wing Economics, from which his honoury doctorate was purchased, and deliver another Dead Marxist lecture in memory of the Unions choice of leader of the Labour party there to explain how this "paying your way" thing actually works.

He only asked the Mr Ed Balls be kept out of the audience as he was as mad debt denier and completely beyond reason.

PS Just in case you don't get this - none of this is real, except perhaps the bit about Ed Balls ...


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Haha! Thanks for the laugh. Dr Al Nutter took a swipe at an Italian ship today.

TheFatBigot said...

I've uttered a few thoughts again this year: