Monday, August 01, 2011

First innings

Strapping on the pads of #SillyWeek the following adventurous bloggers have walked up to the crease ( no baseball puns here - its not the Apprentice you know ):

The Tapeworm Diet - why have I never heard of this.
And so it begins - some word definitions.
How To Green Your House & Destroy The Planet - Jonathan Porritt look away now.
Not even trying - even google translate doesn't help here.
The origami bank has ...
The Aussie take on the work of their defected to the US son - very good, the sort of humour thats missing from our screens.
Just to show the Italians treat everyone the same - by closing when you go on holiday there...
Being a splendid Steam Punk - somehow missed in the first draft

Publicity on

Calling England
They're Joking. Aren't they.
Orphans of Liberty

Let me know in comments or with email (here ) if you have contributions ... going to have to dream something up myself shortly.


James Higham said...

I put one up on Sunday on Steampunk. Are we meant to have the tag #SillyWeek?

Another one going up today on Dolphins.

Man in a Shed said...

I'd like to blame Google for that omission, but you know I saw it at sometime yesterday and failed to note it. I blame the statins the medical fraternity are making me take instead ...

( Seriously: Google is a slight problem for these things as its trying to second guess me as to what I would like - which is fine normally, but not when I'm just searching for a tag. So help me out with a comment or email folks. - or and article I can take to the Quack to get me of these ... ummm whatever they are I now have to take...)

James Higham said...

We have it advertised at Orphans currently so hopefully it will get a few more although many are desperately serious political types there. :)

sewa elf said...

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John M Ward said...

I've found something, which I hope is okay. I'll try to find something better, later in the week.