Friday, February 18, 2011

Salaries many of us could only dream of for political non-jobs

At last the government is taking the fight to the, mostly, left wing parasites in local government.

Like Communist party officials with their Dacha's and special shops local government officials have been replicating non-jobs for over paid left wing Guardian readers at a frightening rate.

Now when we are forced to make cuts by the monumental and immoral stupidity of the last Labour government they would rather rob the poor and disadvantaged of their services than cut back on their fat cat life styles.

This is true "left wing" politics in this country - see Liverpool, Manchester and Camden councils for obvious examples.

At last this message has moved beyond the fantastic Tax Payer's Alliance to the mainstream media. See this article in today's Telegraph. Or purchase last week Spectator.

Update: And it appears those sanctimonious hypocrites the LFib Dems have the biggest Fat Cat kept by one of their councils. Remember that the next time a leaflet from - say Woking Lib Dems - drops through your door.

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TheFatBigot said...

I know we both despise smugness, Mr Shed, but what is being said now by politicians and newspapers about non-jobs is what we have been saying for years. To my mind it's both blatantly obvious and plain common sense. Such rare commodities these days.