Sunday, November 15, 2009

In place of government ....desperation and selfishness

Brown and Darling have accepted defeat. What they are now about is vengeance.

Like the Nazi's as German faced the inevitable they are determined to destroy everyone and everything that has let them down, and that's the British people right now.

So the naked bone headed electioneering that is going to be in the new financial regulation bill will just do the country vast damage.

Why ?

    Because its an incomes policy ( head back to the last major Labour failure in the 70's for a review of that ). We know that once a power is on the books Labour will want to expand it and use it for other purposes ( and international companies will assume the same and locate else where ).

    Because we need the taxes that these people and their companies pay. A friend of mine works for a company of lawyers who help businesses relocate away from the UK ( mostly to Switzerland right now apparently due to recent changes in legislation ) - she's very very busy and this will make things far worse. This is very good news for the citizens of Switzerland but disastrous news for the vulnerable in the UK. ( Which shows you how nakedly selfish and spiteful Labour have now become ).

Its another example of gesture politics to grab headlines and hurt the country at the expense of actually doing something helpful.

Labour have now become all about the careers and benefits of its elected members and vengeance upon the country they now fear will reject them.

Update See a similar line taken in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday 17th Nov 09


neil craig said...

But such tactics only work because Cameron hasn't the guts to say this is what they are doing.

Man in a Shed said...

@Neil_Craig - The Telegraph implied a similar line yesterday.

However i think Cameron has a fine line to tread. He could beat up on Brown, but the public won't like that and whilst what's said today always seems important it will be mostly forgotten in 4-6 months time.

Perhaps its better to keep the powder dry.

neil craig said...

Hadn't seen the telegraph bit & while i agree that particular words said now melt away the overall impression of repeaed statements works. this is why he would be better to build his fortifications now than be forced to start saying it during the election campaign. What may even be worse & does not seem to be being thought about is that if Cameron makes the Conservatives look very like Labour rather than scaring people about badly they have messed up when it comes to the 2014 election & we are still failing because the Tories, while doing little bad have done little good either, people will just vote Labour back in. A moral compass is a very useful item to carry even if it is distracting when you are walking a fine line.