Saturday, November 14, 2009

And so it begins

The RAF are poised to announce savage cuts shortly, in an attempt to pre-empt other cuts to follow.

The cuts they are probably aiming for may well help kill the Fleet Air Arms fast jet capability (by wiping out the Harrier squadrons), and also are a tacit acceptance that the UK will be unable to undertake any large offensive operations in the near future and perhaps also unable to defend itself for any period of time ( the cut in airborne early warning aircraft show this).

Inside government, below the level of ministerial denial and lies to the public things are clearly very desperate indeed.

This is just the beginning. What follows will be painful and humiliating and it is all the fault of Gordon Brown and his arrogance and wilful destruction of one of the worlds most successful countries and economies.


Bill Quango MP said...

Remember those two Aircraft carriers Mr Brown wanted to build, for reasons of national defence, not to do with work for shipyards in Scotland, oh no, not at all.
Well - who would crew them. 2,000 men each would you say? 4,000 NEW crews + the crews of the support ships that need to go with the task force. Where was the budget for that? How were the crews to be recruited?
So many questions, so few answers...

Demetrius said...

The UK can no longer defend itself, nor exercise control within its borders. It is as simple as that.

tally said...

There was an article on the weekend saying 1 aircraft carrier could be sold to India.

Man in a Shed said...

Of course being left with one carrier is almost worse than having none at all.

Really you need three to do anything serious. If you can't afford them best not to pretend you can.

The moth balling of the AWACS aircraft is the most serious move. Only leaving 4 aircraft makes a pre-emptive strike highly likely to succeed.

Letters From A Tory said...

Cutting our defence capability down to zero is not going to help me sleep at night.