Monday, November 16, 2009

WW III perhaps sooner than you think

There is some discussion about when World Wars started, suggesting that the battle between the British and French across the globe was really the first. But the Great War certainly fitted the bill, before we realised there were going to be sequels.

Well there is something worrying happening between Venezuela and Columbia and it may indicate a widening world conflict.

Iran has close and tightening links with Venezuela. Iran can make trouble in the West Bank and in Lebanon at the touch of a button. Iran can make life very unpleasant in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran can probably choke the world's wind pipe in the straights of Hormuz, at least for a while.

And Iran is very clearly moving to develop complex nuclear weapons and ICBM delivery capabilities.

Looks like the excuse and means for WW III to me.

As the US slowly weakens from in fiscal imbalances and over commitment - a process that Russia and China help with, Iran prepares itself to cause trouble for the US across the globe.

Will Obama's Presidency end the way of Carter's with humiliation at the hands of Iran ?

It would never have happened to Bush, or perhaps even Clinton. But the US is adrift right now with no direction slowly bleeding to death and its enemies just seem to be waiting for their moment ....

This is a recipe for global conflict.


James Higham said...

It's definitely on the agenda - they're just looking for the catalyst.

Anonymous said...

Would Iran really ever close the straits of Hormuz? Of course, it's possible, but given that Iran imports most of its refined petroleum products, it surely wouldn't want them closed for long. Not having any export earnings might also be quite uncomfortable. Equally, Venezuela isn't even self-sufficient in food (although better economic management, of which there is no current prospect, might make some difference to that) and sells almost all its oil output to the US.

I grant that such arguments preceded the Great War. But it's still difficult to see one of the nuttier leaders making a rational or even semi-rational calculation that war was desirable. Surely they would prefer to keep their populations in a state of high anxiety rather than running the risk of joblessness (at best!)which would be highly probable after any significant conflict.

Man in a Shed said...

@Anon - You make some good points, but then war is hardly ever rational.

Remember Iran is in the grip of a final times believing Muslim radical and Venezuela a socialist who clearly has near zero grip on how things really work ( almost by definition of being a socialist ).

WWI was never meant to happen, but placing your populations in a state of fear and paranoia makes nasty mistakes very easy.