Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear World Leader

You are cordially invited to drinks and canapes by No 10 Downing Street to provide a photo opportunity for Gordon Brown. ( Subject Afghanistan/Climate change/Evil bankers/G20 etc etc - we'll let you know nearer the election time. )

This will help with the "re-elect Gordon and destroy Britain" campaign that is currently being masterminded by the former European Commissioner Lord Mandelson. Think of how you financial industries could prosper once Gordon has driven them away from London and you Universities profit for lucrative foreign students once Gordon has destroyed the UK education system by debasing standards and waging class war against the middle classes. And we all know that once the UK has been reduced to its knees by record personal, private, company and government debt the full and final take over of Britain by the EU will even be welcomed by its notoriously hard to enslave people.

For all these benefits all you need to do is attend a summit near a Labour marginal constituency and listen to a rectal recital of the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath telephone book delivered by our dear leader without falling asleep or attempting to chew your leg off ( in front of camera only of course).

Think of the rewards ! Britain destroyed for ever ! That seat on the security council you've always wanted becoming vacant as Britain becomes too weak under Brown. The Euro replacing the pound. A common European Army - once Brown has bleed the British one to death and destroyed the RAF and Royal Navy.

The only thing stopping these wonderful rewards being your is the growing realisation amongst the British public of what is going on. This is why you need to attend the "Save Gordon Rally for No UK tomorrows" rally soon - your invite will be broadcast on the media with no prior consultation shortly (making it hard for you to snub us).

Yours faithfully,


PS Every attendee will get a signed copy of Gordon's book on Courage ! Sorry unlike Gaddafi we can't afford to pay anyone to attend (otherwise we'd be inviting good looking people rather than you), and the company may be less entertaining - but think of the future rewards !

Update - Don't just take my word for it ... see Guido


I Albion said...

You mean destroy England,there is a bit of"Britain"that Mr. Brown quite likes.

James Higham said...

He might get bumped off yet at this rate.

Best typo ever said...

Rectal instead of recital - perfect description of the shower of sh*t our beloved Kim Jong-Brown will pour forth.

Man in a Shed said...

Its my subconscious screaming to get through again. Good spot.

Man in a Shed said...

Corrected - kind of ..