Friday, September 18, 2009

Gordon Brown's new line to evade responsibility

The "C" word has been uttered. Brown has been dragged back from his extensively long holiday to be forced to admit some of reality, but of course he's not admitting his responsibility for it.

The new plan, which seems only likely to convince him ( perhaps this sort of self delusion is necessary to keep his mental health together ) is to say the G20 should coordinate cuts.

And it gets better - he even says the IMF should advise countries on how to make cuts ! ( Of course they'll be doing more than advising if Labour by some national disaster were to survive the next general election. )

Can you imagine it. Apparently for all the vast sums of tax payers money spent on our government and its civil service they still can't make a decision without advice ! ( Of course they can - or at least the professional half of that group can - but the politicians fear responsibility most of all ).

So here we see the usual Gordon Brown character flaws - evading decisions and shirking responsibility.

But the cost to us of this has been massive, and continues to be so for each day that the pretend nothing needs to be done budget deficit runs. the sums of money borrowed in each house holds name just for the personal career of Gordon Brown and his cowardly Labour cronies is absolutely staggering.

Soon we will hear "The cuts started in America and are global", and "we are following the plan agreed at the G20" as Brown tries to evade responsibility one last time.

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