Thursday, September 17, 2009

What will the UKs response to a missile attack be ?

Now that the US is giving up on defending Europe from missile attacks ( and to some degree why should they ), I'm wondering what our governments planned response to an ICBM launch from Tehran towards London or our military bases in Cyprus would be.

Almost certainly it would be a wait and see approach.

Wait for the missile to reach the ground, and
see if they've managed to miniaturise nuclear war heads or not.

And if a mushroom cloud did rise over London ? Then what. With Trident looking like its for the chop would be get really cross at the UN ?

Time to consider the day that we might be left on our own I think.

Update: In some ways I think this is a start of a wider US pull back as the cost of the overseas US military become unsustainable.

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James Higham said...

The whole presence of the U.S. in Europe was brinkmanship with Vlad, just as Star Wars was.