Monday, June 01, 2009

The weasel Gordon Brown on R4

Just listening to Gordon Brown being given a nice soft interview by Labour's Andrew Marr. And here are my notes.

  1. Brown mentions being in favour of a written constitution. ( I think from this he is insane enough to try and push one through now. The written bit will of course be him being in power and Conservatives never allowed to hold office ).
  2. He keeps going with the Presbyterian bullshit. He claims the credit for the background, but I have never heard him confess the faith. We know he's a liar and an oath breaker. He is so evasive that no honest person would trust him.
  3. More talk of constitutional reform - including recall elections for MPs
  4. He just keeps talking about "I" "I" "I" - he's an incredible bore.
  5. The interview just put across the things about Brown's character that people hate so much.
  6. Marr has just asked him about the next parliament being better than this one - Brown can't conceive of a next parliament. He's evasive seems to avoid thinking about the idea as he knows he would be in power in it and it seems to run into some sort of mental block.
  7. A rebadged version of the citizen's jury with a "National council for democratic renewal". Its the usual naked anti democratic socialism again.
I think the next few weeks could be very dangerous for freedom and the future of this country as Brown tries to do anything to save his skin.

My personal view is that Gordon Brown intends to try to distract the country with massive constitutional change to shamelessly take advantage of the majority he stole from Blair.

Remember this man hasn't been elected by anyone except the people of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath who would probably elect a Donkey if it had a Labour rosette on it.


Tom Paine said...

What do you mean "probably?" They did.

Letters From A Tory said...

Brown just cannot command anyone's attention, let alone respect.