Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mine's a pint of Badger

A short note on Steve Green's (Daily Referendum) meet up in London on Sat.

A very congenial afternoon was spent in the bar having an opportunity to chat to some fellow right of centre bloggers over a few pints. ( Just a few dear - honest ).

Unlike certain ex-Labour minister we could (and did ) mention we managed to spot our badgers.

Given the impending elections and FA cup were competing turnout was good. Pictures etc are up at Steve's site courtesy mostly of John Ward.

However it all reminded me I need to sort out my Blog Roll when I discovered "The Last Boy Scout" blog had moved on - despite being on my to link to list when I get round to it list ( sorry Simon). A task I've put of for far too long. ( My ability to put off obvious tasks I put down to the influence of 14 years of marriage ).

PS It was pointed out that there were no Lager drinking centre right bloggers present. I wonder if thats true of the wider blogging fraternity ?


wildgoose said...

I'm a Larger (6'5") drinker but I'm certainly not a lager drinker - give me some Real Ale any time.

Man in a Shed said...

Ah yes - good point. Correction made !