Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brown is just so hard to like

Now I know that tactically every Conservative supporter should be praying for a result just good enough to keep Gordon Brown in post till the Coup de Grace of the general election comes along - as I identified with my Operation Foxley Brown post when Brown was still considered popular.

But the man is just so hard to like. He raises my blood pressure everytime I see something he's done ( and not for political reasons, but for the shear unpleasantness of what he does ).

Here are the recent examples:

The common thread is at best the lack of judgement about how to behave decently - at worse its the naked aggressive tactical anything to win shamelessness that we so strongly associate with him.

I know electorally it would be better for the Conservatives if Brown was Labour's next leader of the opposition, but will rejoice on the day he steps down whenever it is and whatever excuse he tries to cover the event with ( and there will be one ).

* Note: I have no problem with this article or the book. It will perhaps help many people. My problem is with the man who says he doesn't do such things, and tries to gain advantage over someone he accuses of doing so.

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