Thursday, May 28, 2009

The 'game' is about to change again for Labour's last gamble

A long while back I tried to argue in comments on Conservative Home and on this blog that what matters about the next election is winning with the mandate to do what's necessary, and it would be better the lose than to get elected without having squared with the electorate about what's got to happen.

Well like a horror film there's one more gut wrenching act to be played in this Parliament. Just when you thought the shameless beast of socialism had finally been identified to the public and clubbed to death by public disapproval of its deceit, bullying, hypocrisy and lets not forget complete failure to deliver despite spending future generations wealth, suddenly it could yet be back.

Aided by the "whining here" Fib Dems with their artificial anger, pointing at pot holes, and all round shameless and immoral opportunism, its possible that the ability to govern could be denied to the Conservatives. Here's how:

    1) The Daily Telegraph, for whatever reason which is appears can't be speculated about without the attention of their lawyers, continues to do exposee's on MPs - but especially focusing in Conservative MPs and incidents that play to public prejudice.
    2) Gordon Brown resigns on Monday 8th June, claiming its for the good of the party etc to grab goodwill. He will stay on a caretaker PM to avoid the electoral disaster of Harriet Harman getting her hands on power.
    3) Press stories etc now don't home in on the govt as they used to do, in the mean time the impact of pumping money into the economy start to come through, whilst the public are ignorant of the long term implications of the debt they have been sold into.
    4) A month long Labour leadership contest contended between David Milliband and Alan Johnson is good natured and gains lots of free publicity for Labour over the Summer when no other news is generated.
    5) Alan Johnson wins.
    6) He immediately goes to the palace to request a dissolution of Parliament and a general election with the longest time period he can get, say October 09.

These points would shorten the odds against Labour and allow them to set the agenda running into a general election where they could campaign as being a change.

I hope CCHQ has an answer for this, because it looks very likely to me.

Lets be clear anything less than a clear working majority and mandate to govern for the Conservatives will be a disaster for our country, and its still all to fight for.

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ContraTory said...

Yes, I think that has been the plan for some months now, but unfortunately for those elements, particularly in the Media, who desire a fourth Labour term, things are not going to turn out quite as they expected.