Monday, June 01, 2009

Lib Dem leaflets - why do they do it ?

Yet another Lib Dem leaflet has dropped through my door. Now I'm not one of those people who moves it straight to the recycling - as delivering leaflets myself and realise the effort and time that's gone into putting them out.

I only know one or two Lib Dems, but those I do see themselves as moral people who I'm fairly sure wouldn't lie, mislead or spin and smear in any other walk of life.

Why do they behave like they do at election time ?

My leaflet before me claims that Surrey County council spends too much money, but in the next box goes on about the terrible - yet unspecified cuts - that will be made to bus services soon.

The Lib Dems get a lot of support from people employed in the public services around here, yet the leaflet complains about Surrey CC employing more office staff. Why stop there - why not offer to reduce the number of office staff ? ( I think we can spot the conflict of interest here ).

The leaflet claims that Lib Dems voted against the budget and tries to imply they would have spent less - but is that really honest ?

It appears Surrey Lib Dems ( so perhaps the Woking chapter is just "following orders" ) have decided to use a poor review (and it was the first one) of children's services - which due to the crazy way reviews of council services work means that the lowest score is use to brand the council, rather than an average. It helps central government control local government, but it doesn't make Surrey the worse council in the UK. As if this form of misrepresentation wasn't bad enough the Lib Dems went and tried to create the impression that everyone's outraged with their usual tactics of quotes and use of the left wing media ( they're not - satisfaction with Surrey CC is one of the highest in the country ). I would be ashamed to be associated with such tactics, and so should Lib Dem party members.

Just for the record here is the Audit Commissions summary for Surrey CC 1 Jan 09:

    Surrey County Council is 'performing well', according to a new report released today (22 July) by the Audit Commission. The Commission's corporate assessment inspection team found that the Council works well with its partners in the Surrey Strategic Partnership and has developed a clear vision based on a good understanding of the needs of residents.

Also note point 7 from that reports Executive summary:
    Political and managerial leadership is strong. Councillors and officers are clear about their roles and responsibilities although a more structured approach to councillor development would promote a better understanding of their statutory responsibilities such as corporate parenting. The Council's Constitution, codes of conduct and protocols for staff and councillors support constructive and positive working relationships, based on mutual respect and trust. These arrangements help councillors take responsibility for strategic and policy matters, allowing officers to focus on operational delivery. This promotes transparency and helps create an open and supportive culture.
So you have to ask yourself what trick are the Lib Dems trying to pull ? Full report here.

Conservative Conservative 47.4%
Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat 33.1%
Labour Labour 16.3%

And of course there's the dodgy bar chart based on whatever result the Lib Dems find puts their message across ( regardless of if it compares like for like polls - the one this time is for the parliamentary constituency, no doubt trying to push their candidate, but used local election results. At the general election the gap was 14% not 4% ) and the call the squeeze the Labour vote. But then the proponents of PR fail to mention that in the European elections PR is being used. Vote Labour - get Labour MEP ( it beyond me why you would want to - but its the likely effect of voting for them ).

Its all good tactics if you believe in winning at any cost and without any principles - but why do you do it Lib Dems ? Those of you I meet are normal people who certainly seem honest in their dealings other than politics.

I almost commented on Norfolk Blogger's post on the importance of leaflets for Lib Dem campaigns, but I'm guessing just before an election isn't a good time for cool considered debate.

But I have to tell you Lib Dems there's something rotten at the heart of your party which places integrity as such a low priority, and winning at all cost so high.

Update: The inevitable leaflet slip up has been made by the Lib Dems in Cornwall ( lets face it any party can make this mistake with activists with their blood up ).


Colonel Smedley said...

The LibDems have no soul - it's a party that's a collection of disparate factions, only united in their opposition to the Tories and Labour. At least people join Labour or the Tories because they're for something (even if those parties souls are far from well defined).

Yet, the LibDems constantly at election time whip themselves into a fever that this time will be the breakthrough. Every time that tactic is used by their party officials more to whip the party faithful into action than to convince anyone in the press. It is instilled with this messianic objective that the LibDems convince themselves to be of higher morality than their competitors, and so a bit of fibbing here and there is OK, because the alternative is that the Tories or Labour would get in, and they are soooo evil.

ContraTory said...

Oddly enough, I put my Lib Dem election literature straight into the bin because I am aware of the effort that is made to distribute it...

Dick Puddlecote said...

This is a common ploy from the Lib Dems, and a particularly dirty one at that. They have been caught doing it in Sutton & Cheam and also in Camden, as described here. I understand that a complaint about this tactic has been sent to the Electoral Commission, for what it's worth.

As for "The Lib Dems get a lot of support from people employed in the public services around here, yet the leaflet complains about Surrey CC employing more office staff. Why stop there - why not offer to reduce the number of office staff ? ( I think we can spot the conflict of interest here )".

This is what I find particularly irritating about Lib Dems, it appears that their ONLY political goal is gaining votes. Every LD politician I have ever engaged with will agree with my stance while simultaneously saying they agree with the opposite. It's quite incredible how they manage it.

In the end, their voting record is the giveaway, there is nothing liberal about them, they're just Labour lite.

Man in a Shed said...

@Dick - Thanks for the link to Adrian Short's post.

He makes the point better than I have. I really think its time the Lib Dems made up their mind what they are about.

Its also time that we started being more aggressive in pointing out the way they mislead people.