Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Brown - the Downfall

I've been re-reading Antony Beevor's "Berlin - the downfall", and I'm looking forward to his account of D-Day especially if there's an electronic book version.

Many, many people have likened the Brown regime to the self deluded National Socialist regime in Berlin 1945. It an analogy that chimes, and I think Labour have had a few attempts at trying to shrug of the association. But those eager people on Youtube keep turning out "Downfall" (the German film) versions with Brown as the ranting Fuhrer.

The term bunker mentality is continually used about No10, and its the bunker in 1945 Berlin that people have in mind when they use that term.

We know that Brown has these rages ( just check the requisitions for Nokias ). We also know he lives in a fantasy land where he believes that propaganda (now known as spin) makes reality.

In the book one by one the grotesque figures of the Third Reich betray their Fuhrer, or are deemed to have done so.

Now we have Jacqui Smith going, Darling getting ready for the firing squad and Brown's most loyal henchman Balls getting ready for his reward for serving his master. Someone is briefing against the Brown camp very close to his inner circle. Labour MPs are looking for their Stauffenbergto deliver them from destruction and the hands of the blue horde that has risen in anger at the willful financial, moral and social destruction wreaked on this land by Labour and its minions.

Brown's downfall it seems must be close, after all what choice does Labour have. The Tories are at the Oder with overwhelming forces - but will Brown, like Hitler, demand that everything is destroyed first before a disaster worthy of marking his end is inflicted on this United Kingdom? (which like many deranged bigots in the Labour party he assumes is synonymous with the party - just as Hitler thought of National Socialism and Germany).

Update: It certainly feels like the end now. David Cameron was clearly pulling his punches at PMQs, but in a clever way ( asking the questions Brown could be expected to have a prepared answer for ).

The Guardian is calling for him to go, and talking about the infamous "bunker".

How much longer can he last ?


Tory Poppins said...

Fabulous FABULOUS post! I haven't read the book, but I am reading "Gordon Brown: Prime Minister" by Tom Bower. It gives a fantastical insigh into the psyche of the man, and is very disturbing indeed.

I suspect, sadly, that Brown is indeed intent on destroying everything around him before he leaves. He's a delluded, tortured soul, and as horrific as the aftermath may be, we are most certainly witnessing history in the making.

Man in a Shed said...

@Tory Poppins - Thanks.

I can recommend the Beevor book, whilst all the precise details of the geography can be hard to follow and having visited Berlin a few times myself helps set the scene ( 2 times in the Cold War and once as the Wall fell ).

What is so gripping about the history is the self delusion of the National Socialist regime and how it condemns its own population to destruction, rape and destruction due to the selfish and cowardly urge to hold on for a few more days to the trappings of power and put of their ultimate judgement any way they can.

Labour - if they had the interest of the country at heart would have stood down a few months ago, but instead they have their own careers and self importance to think of so they hold on dragging our children into debt that they may have to work to repay their whole lives, in the hope of a few more days in power.

As I've said before I think some members of the current government should stand trial. Not for expenses ( though that can happen if people like ) but for wilful mismanagement of the country and misrepresentation of its condition ( ie fraud and treason ).

No wonder Labour abolish the death penalty for Treason when they took power in 97.