Monday, June 22, 2009

"Poor Gordon Brown - lets feel sorry for him" - new Labour deceit plan

The smoke and spin coming out of Number 10 has just increased dramatically. Someone else is trying to pull the wool over the electorates eyes and help destroy the country by continuing the most disastrous premiership since Neville Chamberlain for a few more despicable and staggeringly expensive days.

Simon Lewis is to try to extent the country's suffering using his skills.

Its like a horror move where the monster is never dead. You think you've woken up and its all over, but then articles start appearing in papers to reposition Brown ( even Cherie Blair chipping in - what can have motivated her to do that ? ;-) ).

Brown claims he could walk away and become a teacher ( yeah right ). We have Roy Hattersley on the radio this morning complaining about prime minster's questions ( a form of debate that Labour manipulated in 97 to make it more favourable to their man ). We have the setting Brown up as the underdog strategy.

And all the while the country sinks further and further at an ever accelerating rate weighed down by Gordon Brown's millstone of debt just so selfish PR people can try for a triumph over the electorate.

Still Peter Mandelson achieves his mission of keeping out the Conservatives till Lisbon is ratified by the bullied Irish.

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Malthebof said...

Who would employ a 58 year old man without qualifications as a teacher?
The man is deluded, his government set up the GTA to control teachers.