Monday, June 29, 2009

Labour's plans are Evil and are intend to take us all for fools

I just heard Lord Mandelson's broadcast on R4's Today this morning ( because it was more of a broadcast than an interview - despite the PoD complaining about Evan Davis trying to get him to focus on the question - Labour have never done this since New Labour started it, part of their plan for deceit and undermining democracy through lies and spin. They are now clearly the Evil party ).

Mandelson issued the new view of reality which explains why you shouldn't have the normal spending review before the general election in case it provides information to the electorate about what you are really going to do ( making the lies, smear, deceits and scheme's that his pupil Gordon Brown intends to rape our democracy with impossible to achieve - remember Labour are Evil .)

How do they intend to carry this off ?

    By issuing a series of unfunded "rights", which will take longer than the period that the next general election must be held within to prove to be unfunded (evil).

    By using economic activity and unemployment as an excuse after the general election for having to make the 7% across the board departmental cuts their own figures show to be needed. This allows them to deny their own figures till after the electorate has been conned to vote for them (evil).

    By bearing false witness about other peoples plans. Specifically the Conservative who as a first pass have used the governments own figures from the budget ( something Labour seem unwilling to do ). ( evil and direct breach of one of the 10 commandments ).

But then when you make the unelected Prince of Darkness effectively Prime Minister to hold up the defeated and unelected winner of the gutless coup what do you expect?

There will be some Labour party members who would support Labour if they made Pol Pot their leader, but there must still be some with a conscience and at least some decency who will put country before the careers of the demons in charge of Labour right now. There time to act is now.

PS I should add at one point in his R4 party political broadcast, because that's what interviews with Labour demons ministers now are, he accused the Conservatives of entering into a Faustian pact. Nice to see the PoD has a sense of humour ...., or was its a Freudian slip ?

Update: It seems a Treasury spokeswoman ( was refered to in BBC radio and online reports this lunch time see here ) has refused to confirm that the spending review which everyone believes will force cuts on any government will be delayed beyond the general election. Was Mandelson speaking without authority or is either Darling or Brown getting cold feet about the whole "lie to the electorate" thing ?


Letters From A Tory said...

"The Evil Party"

Love it, but I can't see Cameron adopting it at PMQs anytime soon. Shame.

Man in a Shed said...

I had considered the line "Who would Satan vote for ?"

Clearly the "father of lies" would go for the "party of lies" lead by the Prince of Darkness.

But as you say its not going to fit into Dave's positioning strategy.

My real point is to try to point out to Labour party members what the current government has become.

Man in a Shed said...

Of course a little research shows this line has been tried before with the New Labour New Danger campaign - which didn't fit with the times - but we now know the truth of ...

Anonymous said...

Help me compile a list of NuLabour's cuts.

Are they cutting or deceiving in the marginals?