Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weakness invites intimation - and the Labour government is very weak

The history of the Iranian revolution is punctuated with taking advantage of weak foreign players, for domestic advantage.

So we had President Carter being humiliated with the US Embassy hostages, the UK and Royal Navy humiliated with the sailors who lost their iPod's disaster and now the harassment of the UK embassy and arrest of what I assume are Iranian nationals employed by the UK Embassy.

At the time of the US embassy invasion it was said that nobody would have dared interfere with the then Soviet embassy as they would have responded with spectacular and probably nuclear vengeance.

The UK responds with the gap year student David "Banana's" Miliband. You can see why the Iranian regime might think its on a winner with playing the UK's Labour government for fools again. ( After all what happened after the humilation of the Royal Navy ? )

These humiliations are a sign of the lose of face and respect that the run down of our defences and pathetic no entities that occupy Labour cabinet ministerial positions have left us with.

Labour are now hurting our country with every minute they shame us all by clinging to office with.

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