Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Labour's scorched Earth strategy turns to the constitution

Like Hitler who determined that Germany must be destroyed for failing him, Gordon Brown and the Labour party seem determined to destroy the UK in spite and their impending rejection.

Our institutions have been savaged or destroyed. Educational certificates are now devalued. All public servants now seem to need cash incentives to go on top of their golden pay rises and spectacular pensions that for the over £60k/year mob make the troughing of MPs look like amateurs.

They have ensured our military will be on its knees for a decade or two to come, with decades worth of equipment life used up in a few short years, but no provision for replacements made.

They have bound and sold our country out to the European Union - at the same time breaking their election oath to provide a referendum on such a surrender to a foreign power.

Our banks have been destroyed and nationalised. Our currency debauched. Our pensions ( for those not in the ruling classes super well provided for left wing rich list public sector little piggy scheme ) have been stolen and reduced to dust.

But that's not enough for Labour, now they have to try to make the country ungovernable by the next government.

PR is always proposed by parties out of power or suspecting they will lose it shortly.

Alan Johnson, in combining a referendum with a general election is playing fast and loose with the constitution just to keep a few more little Labour piggies with their snouts in the trough at parliament.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not against electoral reform, although my preference would be for PR for the house of Lords to provide a form of check and balance on the geographical representation of the commons. But this is being proposed by panicked lefties who fear the loss of power. ( If proper PR were introduced then I don't expect any of the three main parties to survive as they are - especially the most shameless party of all the Lib Dems who are in effect two political parties with one name. )

Indeed I think its reasonable to argue that its actually a betrayal of democracy by a party seeking to retain power by changing the rules that keep it in absolute power for twelve years.

As I said in an earlier post, these are dangerous times. And the Labour party is the shameless, gutless, self interested machine to hang onto power in any way their grubby little minds can conceive.


Colonel Smedley said...

Well written. I there are millions in the nation who would agree.

thespecialone said...

Labour truly are in a panic. Lefties really dont like to know the truth that their policies always always always turn everything to crap.

Sepoy Agent said...

Thank you, MIAS. I have been trying to say something like this for a long time, but in an inarticulate and piecemeal manner. So well done for setting it all out.

Man in a Shed said...

Thanks for the encouragement.