Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The destruction of private wealth continues, whilst the good times continue to role for those in the state sector funded by debt

How do I know ? We'll I've just had one of my annual pension statements, and its another case of the people I pay to invest my money for my old age using more of it up than they have managed to make in an investment return.

This year the last pension return was -15% last year .

Yet public sector pensions continue to rise, whilst the state rips of those who have to buy annuities by its printing money for government debt programme.

Quietly and by stealth the wealth of those not employed by the government is being stolen to enrich those who are.

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Simon Emmett said...

I suffered the same way with my AVC plan. But then again again saving is wrong in Labour's eyes, so it's no wonder we are being penalised.