Friday, April 24, 2009

The Economist brands Brown's budget dishonest

I have long read and enjoyed the Economist and have been a subscriber for over two decades, even though it is the voice of the continuing SDP.

But I have noticed over the last day the sound of the patience of many on the soft SDP / New Labour groupie left snapping with this budget. ( The Economist doesn't even pretend to ascribe the budget to the hapless Alistair Darling ). I saw Janet Street Porter on "This Week" clearly still in shock as the real implications of Labour mismanagement and destruction of our economy have been sinking in since the budget. Grey Dyke, always an outrider for the Labour project, tried some guff about US capitalism but nobodies going to buy that excuse.

But oh the strength of the words from the economist. They have called the budget dishonest in their leader. They details the deceptions and political tactical decisions Brown has made at the expense of the country.

This weeks UK edition has the strap line "Desperate Measures" on the front and its leader finished with these words "The public is losing patience with him, and so is this newspaper".

Its time for those in Labour to admit they are not up to the job and resign and let those who could save our country try.

Update: It seems there's a petition ont he No10 web site to get Brown out. Sounds like a worth cause to me ! Go here.....

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