Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teaching Union condemns Conservative plans for Primary Schools - so we're onto something then !

The vested interests are up in arms about Conservative plans to improve education by freeing good performing primary schools.

Catch a load of the NASWT's Chris Keates:

    "Having already announced academies will be the norm for secondary schools, this proposal for primary schools completes the Tories' blueprint for the dismantling of state education.

    There is no evidence that severing the links between local authorities and schools improves standards of education, tackles disadvantage or gives parents more influence.

    These plans are the naked marketisation of education and will place thousands of children and young people at the mercy of private, voluntary and independent providers."

I hope he's right, because leaving children at the mercy of the state vested interest education system has worked out very badly indeed.

There are many other things where we're at the "mercy" of the market which perform vastly better than the parasitic state with its interests in bleeding people dry for taxes and gold plated public sector pensions whilst dumping those who make wealth on the scrap heap.

PS Again this week's Economist declares Labour's education reforms have failed.

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