Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time to sober up

I've just watched the news for the first time today on BBC's news 24. The BBC is ecstatic that Ken Clarke has indicated that reducing inheritance tax may not be the first priority an incoming Conservative government, given the disastrous state of the public finances.

Add this to the row over the 45p tax rate, with David Cameron saying it will be necessary to help repay the debts Brown is running up.

Both these are very uncomfortable for many Conservative supporters. The 45p tax rate was just a ploy by Labour, it won't bring in the money. And David Cameron's accepting it is also mostly a signal. Yes its a step back to excessive taxation of the past, but the excessive spending of the present makes for difficult choices.

These things are anyway small beer compared to the savaging of peoples finances and net worth that is currently occurring due to pension funding collapse, Brown anti-Private sector stealth pensions taxation, near zero percent interest rates ( for savers ) and the debasement of our currency that the Bank of England is carrying out to buy government debt, and give the large boast to inflation that will rob by stealth more of the middle classes.

Its time to sober up. No one is going back to the Brown/Bush Ponzi scheme of the last ten years. ( Yes Mr Bush should have known better also. )

Recently David Cameron apologised for not grasping the nature of the economic car crash Gordon Brown has created. That might be tactical, but it could perhaps also be genuine. He may be horrified about whats coming.

The future is going to be about the hard facts of life that New Labour was all about pretending don't apply. We have economic and social collapse under the deluded narrative of New Labour, that far too many of our fellow citizens accepted at face value.

It could also be that Ken Clark's comment s make a election tax bribe either paid for by yet more insane borrowing or printed by the Bank of England harder to carry of by the shameless Labour government.

We're heading for hard times, and the sooner we accept this, the sooner we can get on with finding our way through, and fixing the out of control state Labour has created.

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