Friday, March 20, 2009

Just some comments

Blogging's going to be light over the next few days or even week since I have a deadline coming up and my internet connection has some sort of problem.

But a few brief notes on current events:

1) Very glad to see David Cameron starting to grasp the nettle of the financial mess and destitution Labour will leave after the next election.
2) Disappoint, but not surprised, by Yvette Cooper's knee jerk reaction to 1). Show she just thinks of politics not the country.
3) Why is little the government says coming to pass ? They said they were bringing forward capital projects, but yesterday we heard they were not providing the money for some academic building programs that they have in principle authorised. Doesn't that mean really the money is running out ? ( Or in reality the capacity to raise and support debt is running out ).
4) National debt is sky rocketing and with 2 million heading to 3 million is going to get far worse. From personal observation I've seen a lot of middle class people losing their jobs, and that will have a large impact on tax revenues.

On my internet connection interestingly my tweetings have come to the attention of Virgin Media who I guess are in the process of figuring out how to use a tool like twitter. If your reading guys my advice would be to use it as a way of broadcasting local servicing issues to geographic groups - eg a @WokingVirginMedia to broadcast service issues, if any. Speaking for myself the most annoying thing about any outrage is not knowing what caused it or when it will end. ( The cause of my issues has yet to be determined and may be the cable modem itself or something on VM's system. But of course I'll have to wait for it to fail again before chasing it up. Intermittent faults are the worse kind to track down. )

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