Monday, March 23, 2009

The double standards of our politicians

Here we go again. This time is Tony McNulty. Can you believe it ?

He's an effective defender of the indefensible on TV and radio, one of Labour's last stonewallers. He certainly tries to give an impression of being a man of the people.

So surely he knew that the £60k for a second home a few miles from his first was wrong ? Wasn't the allowance to allow parents to stay close to Parliament ?

Its been said many times before, but what strikes me is that if any one of us Non-MPs/Political class did this we would be looking at an appearance in county court and even prison.

If Mr McNulty had any sense of shame he would stand down as a MP.

But he won't because the gravy wagon is just too good to get off.

Soon he'll be back on our radios defending the Labour government and trying to sound like a man of the people again. He'll know the button to push, the focus group tested phrases to deploy and fake anger and plain rudeness to use against his opponents. but remember he's Mr £60k - your £60k which you would go to prison if you didn't offer up as a tribute to New Labour.

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