Thursday, December 04, 2008

Trading the national interest for a few more years in office

So the Queen's speech is in. Its not the occasion it used to be as Labour don't really like the monarchy or our country ( which it represents ). Hence the bad manners of Gordon Brown's pre-Queens speech announcements.

There were some measures that are half copies of Conservative ideas. Clearly the ever partisan Gordon Brown didn't want to leave the area of local control of the police standing out on a Conservative election manifesto. ( Lets be clear they are only proposing this as they don't want to leave a popular policy available to the opposition, but they don't believe in it. After all it would have happened about eight years ago if they did. )

There was a classic bit of muddling from Brown over Mortgages, which truly belonged in the emergency budget pre-budget statement ( another Brown ruse to get as many headlines out of each announcement as possible ). Who knows if it will work. Since the government has now purchased most of the main mortgage suppliers, it stood to lose out from repossessions twice - politically and economically. Maybe there is some sense in the idea ( as a Conservative I measure ideas on the effect not on who thought them up, we leave blind self interested partisan politics to the Labour party).

But the big message is the Queen's speech was short on bills. This means Labour is preparing for a general election soon. Either spring or summer.

On the Today programme at (about 4:20 into the clip I've referenced here) 4 Dec a pair of economists were being interviewed and one of them, (David B Smith I believe ) said:

"At some stage people in the international markets are going to decide this is a rerun of 1969 and 1976 we've got a totally feckless Labour government in charge of the British economy. Everything is being subordinated to fighting the next general election. Votes are being bought in the short term but in the long term are creating huge problems for the economy".

I couldn't have put it better myself.

We should all weep for our country and its misfortune at having the bunch of self interested selfish and ignorant charlatans who current lead Her Majesty's government.

Update: I hear the IMF is down to its last $100 billion. Much of which will be gone by the time Crash Gordon ploughs the economy into the deck after trying to buy the next election. The results of this scenario will be very real and horrific ( indeed people will die as a direct result ). The risk of a collapse of the UK's finances combined with no available rescue are much greater than anyone seems to e considering.

See also Danneil Hannan's article "Brown pawns the country for electoral expediency"


Letters From A Tory said...

Self-interested and selfish, yes, but ignorant?

I think they know exactly what they are doing - trying to buy a few votes.

Elby the Beserk said...

Of course they are buying votes; but they are also buying into the idea that the electorate is stupid. A recent four day stay in hospital, during which I took the oppo to talk to as many people there, staff, fellow patients, visitors would indicate otherwise.

To the extent that one extremely intelligent, articulate and friendly staff nurse told me she hoped Brown gets assassinated. They have no idea how he is loathed out here in realworldsville.