Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sir Stephenson - what is the proper influence from politicians ?

Right on cue, as if to help the Labour government and its speaker out of its hole, Sir Paul Stephenson has been giving a press conference. He is quoted by the BBC saying:

"Let me deal finally with the suggestion that any political or ministerial influence on this or any other police operation under my command."

"I would strongly refute that I or any senior officer under my command have, or would allow, any improper influence of our operational judgement and actions for political purposes. That is not what we do".

And here's the key. He says "improper" - so that doesn't mean there wasn't what he considers proper influence. And its doesn't mean that wasn't from Jacqui Smith.

Since the higher ranks of our police came to office through pleasing the New Labour government they are no longer seen as politically impartial. Something will have to be done about that by a new government.


James Higham said...

And its doesn't mean that wasn't from Jacqui Smith.

No, indeed it doesn't.

Rachel Joyce said...

No-one seems to believe her.
And let's face it - if she knew, that is a disgrace. If she didn't know, that is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

If you remember the horse-trading that was going on about 6 months ago regarding Brown's anti-terror legislation - at that time Smith was proposing that senior politicians would be actively involved in operational decisions regarding the detention of suspects! So which way does Jacqui want it - arms length operation (where she may be embarrassed by the police's actions) or a more interventionist style (more in keeping with Labour's track record - with Ministerial involvement in high profile police cases)?

Man in a Shed said...

Anon - very good point.