Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Labour loan sharks - preying on the fearful

Watch out - Labour loan sharks are operating in your area!

They promise free extra money now telling you its just what you need for Christmas.

What they haven't told you is that you'll be repaying it for ever. Remember the reason the Labour Shark loan is needed is because Labour couldn't control spending when times were good. What chance that they'll do more than that in the future and repay the massive loans being taken out in your name ?

Labour are preying on those who don't understand what is going on. "It'll be all right love - you can repay it when you want - those nice Saudi's and Chinese will be happy to give you money".

Or you could hear Yvette Cooper on your radio saying how those mean Tories want public sector cuts ( in a recession no less ) and don't want to max out the nation's new high rate credit card Gordon's arranged with the Saudi's and Chinese.

Just say no. In fact demand an election to say no.

Look at what people who have to be responsible are doing - car manufacturers, banks etc are all reducing costs. But not the government - after all they need the public sector for the votes to keep them employed.

They are just like those thugs who beat up and rob an old granny just for a few pounds - destroying her life.

Labour are about to destroy our country for decades to come - destroying billions upon billions of pounds of wealth - just for a few millions in ministerial salaries.

We have been here before in the 60's and 70's.

The saccharine lies and soundbites from rich Labour ministers and career politicians will convince many people who will be paying -in poverty - for the rest of their lives.

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Armchair Sceptic said...

How (sadly) true!