Monday, December 08, 2008

Cut off by Squirrels

I've had a bout of flu for a few days, and hence have keep to the house, ( not that its stopped the blogging ... in fact running a high temperature and a fevered imagination makes it all easier ;-) ).

So on returning to the Shed today I noticed no internet connection. A brief bit of investigation lead to the site of a chewed bit of network cable just outside the shed. And I'm blaming the squirrels. It could have been a rat, but then the difference is just a hairy tail.

I'm starting to wonder about declaring a "War on Squirrel Terror" in our garden.

Update: A whole morning of trying to push a wire through the twin walls without electrocuting myself by drilling through the power cables ( near run thing ) has resulted in a theoretical restoration of the network. However the cable ( which has had to be shortened 0nly reaches just above the floor. I'm going to have to try an extension or a wireless router at the end.

Have used bricks and cable runs to try and protect remaining cable.


James Higham said...

Grey squirrel?

Unknown said...

Join the club. I'm at home recovering from having a necrotic (dead) appendix removed. I'm a little sore...

Wyrdtimes said...

Sounds like a just war...

But remember Orwell's stark warning - "The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it".

Fail to plan - plan to fail. Preparation is everything.

Go in hard, go in fast - no mercy. This is one battle you can't afford to lose.

Strength and honour.

Man in a Shed said...

james - Oh yes they are grey all right.

Wildgoose - at least you have your book reader to keep you going ! gte well soon.

Wyrdtimes - my mother takes a how can I put this "firm" approach to Squirrels. I thought she was going a bit over the top - after all its just a few plants in her garden etc. But now they've started on my network cable I see her point.