Sunday, December 07, 2008

Does Gordon Brown want the Falklands to be invaded again ?

Eventually the bull shit from Labour will have a real cost in terms of territory and lives. ( Of course it already has in Iraq and Afghanistan ).

Today we learn that the Royal Navy can't spare a war ship for the Falklands. At the same time the force commitment down in the South Atlantic looks very bare.

Its almost as if Gordon Brown wants to hand the people of the Falklands over to their enemy as part of some sort of spite he held back from the 1980's.

David Cameron should bring this up in PMQs.

Update: The ship that was to be sent to the South Atlantic has been diverted to the EU Navy of Somalia - the BBC proudly announces that "The operation is the first EU defence mission commanded by a Briton", so thatsmakes the destruction of the Royal Navy all right then.

I wonder if the French and Germans will be willing to take the loses we endured in the South Atlantic to come and help their EU partner ? ( For those who are even wondering the answer will be No ).


Anonymous said...

Well if they are invaded - he probably thinks that he can do a 'Maggie" After all LabourLuvvies claim it saved her.

Trouble is, she actually maintained a decent defence force. Sad really that Gordo's hopes will be blighted

Man in a Shed said...

The problem is that there are two reasonable alternatives for the Falklands.

1) Defended them - in which case you need military assets and a functioning Navy.
2) Accept that 1) is not an option you want then you have to negotiate with Argentina.

The Brown approach of waiting for disaster is not moral, sensible or patriotic.

Just for a moment imagine a repeat of the scene of Royal Marines being humiliated in front of government house, RAF personnel being flown back to Buenos Aires and a captured RAF Tornado having Argentine airforce insignia painted on it.

The people of Stanley being flown to Chile.

It would be the end of self confidence in the UK.

Letters From A Tory said...

Does France even have a military left? Their defence force is a fraction of the size of ours, and ours is pretty bloody small these days.

Wyrdtimes said...

Personally I think the best think for the Falklanders would be to declare complete independence.

As an independent state if they got invaded then the international community would have to do something.


Anonymous said...

"As an independent state if they got invaded then the international community would have to do something."

Surely not expecting the UN to grow a backbone and some teeth are you?

James Higham said...

Well, look at it this way, MiaS, he is in deep faeces and so the patriot card is the only one left.