Saturday, November 22, 2008

Labour government propaganda in schools

I followed the following link on the government's teachnet web site, whilst researching another subject. It was the face that got we worried,

Now look at the content below. This seems to me to be the use of a government role for party propaganda. There is no need for any minister to appear - the kids are intrested in Peter Jones - not the clapped out socialists.

Get a load of "Because he cannot get to see every school that will be joining in the buzz and excitement " - who does Brown think he is ? Santa Clause on Christmas Eve ?

Lets not disappoint the kids by not letting them see the very important message from Brown, Mandelson and Knight ( Labour ministers all ).

This is partisan advertising to future voters paid for by the state. They want to ban adverts for junk food or just about anything else, but are happy to run their Big Brother Airstrip One video to children who should be protected from such things.

The original be site is here - but I've cached a copy below because you know how they get when they are found out ....

"Why not play it in an assembly" - the government begs teachers - its chilling. I wonder what the cost of sending this to every school in the UK is - especially when they could just download it for free on the expensive school internet connections that were put in years ago ? ( I just watched it at a marginal cost to the tax payer of £0 ).

The file itself is labelled gordonbrowngew2008_256K.wmv - which I think tells you what they are really thinking.

If you watch it catch Jim Knight's bit of nasty political snide comments about technology only being reserved form a few big corporations in the past unlike the new Airstrip One under Gordon Brown saviour of everything.

There really should be a law against this.

( I have nothing against the idea or the use of people like Peter Jones, but there is no place for political figures in such a video ).


Now on

Personalised video message from Gordon Brown


Because he cannot get to see every school that will be joining in the buzz and excitement of Global Entrepreneurship Week (17-23 November 2008) the Secretary of State for Business and Enterprise, Peter Mandelson, together with the Prime Minister, entrepreneur Peter Jones and Schools Minister Jim Knight, have produced video messages of support for schools across the UK.

You can watch the webcast via modem or slow / fast / superfast broadband connections.

If you are behind a network firewall, why not click here to view a flash file of the video. You do need to have the flash plugin.

A copy is going to every secondary school head teacher in the UK and will arrive on Monday 17th November. Why not play it in an assembly and register it as another Global Entrepreneurship Week event, to raise the profile of your school during this high profile international celebration of enterprise?

Make Your Mark will even register your details; on your behalf, simply email and they'll pop your details up online.


Armchair Sceptic said...

If Brown were Santa Claus, he would deliver the presents to the smiling kids ... then steal them back the following week!

Anonymous said...

The Wilted Rose,

Exactly and blame on the 'bloke next door' !!!