Tuesday, September 23, 2008

46% on Labour home thought speech was poor (1 out of 10)

OK no doubt they will fix this shortly .... can't have too much candour can we ?


old and angry said...

Whenever i hear the one eyed one rattling on about fairness, it sends a chill in my bones.
It usually means my pocket is about to be picked....again!!

Zenobia said...

Fair - this is a man to talk about fairness. It makes him angry when someone is treated unfairly does it?

He doesn't know what anger is - I am absolutely Bl**dy furious ... I am English and I what to see some fairness - where's my English Parliament you ... (insert your chosen expletive)

Excuse me - I am just going to sharpen some knives - you never know someone just might grow a backbone and use one.

Letters From A Tory said...

More amusing is how few people voted because no-one reads LabourHome.