Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brown has just made the mistake of mentioning the 3 million new jobs

About 81% of which went to immigrants !!

Does nobody advise him ? He's gone mad !!

Now the idiot is mentioning social mobility - which has gone down under Labour. There just can't be anyone who dares tell him what utter rubbish he's spouting.

Now he just announced the destruction of the child care businesses such as nurseries - the pioneer youth centre will take over - onward to victory Airship one. Tractor production up.

He's doing a Queens speech now ...

He's also trying to bind the actions of a future parliament by a law on child poverty - which is illegal. ( By the way they've tried that ploy before with another law they are just about to break ).

The next bit is amazing in its insensitivity. He's trying to cash in on his hard luck story about nearly going blind - but forgets that his anti-English government condemns many English people to the same fate. But not for the Scots of course.

Note: David Miliband only mentioned with wee Dougie Alexander and von Brun himself.

He talking about not standing by as children suffer - so whats happening in Darfur then eh Brown ! ( You'll remember his grandstanding on this issue about a year ago at the UN ).

Conservative home reports on the FT outlining more Brown misrepresentations and lies here.

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