Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another example of shamelessness from Labour

It appears that the Labour government has been using public money for propaganda - but hiding its as 'documentaries'. See the Daily Telegraph here.

The have no shame, decency or idea of how an honest government should behave.

Its another example why those shameless careerists need to be turfed out of office. ( I note now that losing their ministerial limousines in the the offing with a reshuffle they are all pledging their loyalty to Von Brown. Gutless, shameless and worse of all useless the lot of them ).

Still trying not to blog till Sept, but they are such a bunch of cowardly, devious, dishonest, shameless, useless bastards that its hard not to make the odd exception.


max the impaler said...

Do not forget that the BoD at the BBC are all closet marxists. This is another good reason to bin the television.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

You are so right, my friend. Utterly shameless, the lot of them, and I doubt that any of the present "opposition" parties will be any different.

They all seem to be so dishonourable. We need a good clearout.

Maybe a guillotine could be of service?

John M Ward said...

Not good, this, and the tendency is that -- in order to try to get as level a playing field as possible -- other parties might feel inclined to follow suit when and if they get the opportunity, as killemall suggests.

I would resist that strenuously. It is not for the public to subsidise political propaganda, however craftily disguised.

The clear-out doesn't necessarily mean the individuals en masse -- there is a danger of babies with bathwater" and ending up with a completely incompetent administration.

Far better is to clean up the framework under which politics operates -- deal with the problems themselves, rather than those who are symptoms of the malaiuse and all the good cells along with the cancerous. Gut reactions aren't so useful in cases such as this. We need to think it out a bit better than that.