Sunday, April 13, 2008

The coming end of Gordon Brown ?

If you haven't read Matthew Paris's article in the Times on Sunday you should. He's a journalist who has strong instincts and something has been bothering him about Gordon Brown for some time. But what is really important is his criticism of the MSM. I highly recommend reading his article here.

And then Ben Brogan's quoting Poly the Guardianista Twit's gradual realisation that Gordon is a disaster for Labour. ( Ben is also reporting on the dawning dread in Labour. )

I said to my wife a few days ago that I now think Gordon Brown will be forced from office by his own party - desperate to save themselves. She wondered why she hadn't heard about it on the BBC .....

Labour are about to try to pull of one of the greatest confidence ticks of all time - trying to claim they are not responsible for the last wasted 10 years, and especially the last 1. Who will front up ? Postman Pat ( on the Daily Politics today - legs crossed relaxing ), the gap year student David ?

Man in a Shed now expects Brown to resign for health reasons this year, combined with the wish to spend more time with his children. If he had any sense he would realise that he is not needed as PM but could yet find fulfilment and happiness at home in Kirkcaldy. (Whilst I despise the politics and methods of Dr Brown, I would still wish him happiness in retirement.)

Update: The Mole thinks Brown will not be deposed in a leadership contest. However, that doesn't rule out the Wilson option or the Major options.

Perhaps the Major gambit would be the most entertaining ( resigning then running for leader again to flush out any opposition - this is what Blair should have done to crush Brown).

Update Simon Heffer however thinks that Brown may be forced out by the senior end of the Labour party.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. Brown will never ever ever give up his job. He's been waiting for it his entire life - he is unable to see how the rest of the world sees him anymore.

Man in a Shed said...

For our sake it would be good if your right. ( I can't bring myself to say I hope your right - as I would then be wishing the damage that he will do to our country over the next two years ).

But I think there are signs that he has been listening to others a bit more as PM ( perhaps that's how the procrastinating and dithering has come so much to the fore as he has other voices to consider.) And the time that someone in the Labour party is going to hand him the black spot is coming and it will probably be a trusted friend (Ed Balls ? ).

Labour of course are crippled by their constitution that makes removing a leader who doesn't want to go far more difficult than for the Conservatives.

William Gruff said...

I too think you are mistaken.

Brown has waited too long for the big prize and won't readily consign himself to the dustbin of history. That notwithstanding, who would seriously wish to take over, knowing that matters can only deteriorate and effective defeat at the next general election is almost certain (I don't share the widespread belief that Grooovey Dave will walk into No 10)?

The next Labour leader must have 'clean hands', untainted by association with Brown or Blair. Expect a new 'New Labour' project led by someone of the calibre of Nick Clegg.