Monday, April 14, 2008

Mugabe will be lucky to die in his bed

Just had a look over the article in the First Post lamenting the failure of the world to do anything about the rape of democracy in Zimbabwe.

African leaders won't act - as many of them like to rig elections themselves. Western leaders talk a good game, but are unwilling to back their words with actions ( see Gordon Brown for details ).

So the MDC are to be sold down the river for making the mistake of trusting the people above and of non-violent democratic opposition.

Now Mugabe knows how unpopular he is, and that people are willing to defy him - even in the police and army - to vote against him. He will be paranoid, at the same time as the only way to remove him from office will be with violence. That is a nasty combination.

My guess is that eventually the people he relies upon will realise that whilst Mugabe is a old man they will have to live in the world after he has died. They will seek to avoid this fate in the same way some Romanian Communists did - by executing their leader.

Mugabe can probably look forward to the same fate as Ceausescu- a quick show trial following by a messy execution at the hands of the thugs who now protect him, as they realise they now need to protect themselves.

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