Monday, April 14, 2008

Brown can't stop the little lies

Just heard Gordon Brown on the radio (R4 the World at One 14 Apr 08) trying to squirm his way out of his responsibility for the economic and financial mess he has lead us all into.

His statement tries to blame everyone else - the American housing crisis, the high Middle East oil price and that he will try to keep Britain 'on track'.

Well Britain is on track for a disaster - we need our trajectory changing - not confirming.

He will shortly be trying to strong arm the banks into acting against their interests - probably by threatening greater regulation if they don't give him the headlines he demands.

But roll back a little - oil isn't at a high price because of the Middle East. Oil comes from all over the world - including Scotland (you'd think he'd know that ). Whilst different blends of oil have different prices ( as they represent different compositions which give different refining yields ), there is nothing about the Middle East oil price which is that different from say Texas West Intermediate crude or Brent crude ... Its just a deliberate attempt to mislead people - sneaking the lie in behind the radar when talking about something else.

He is a man who seems to find accuracy and truthfulness a great problem. I wonder if he believes the stuff he spouts or knows its dishonest ?


Maria said...

Oil also comes from England - I'd think you'd know THAT!

Ever heard of that? Ever heard of the Continental Shelf Act?

Man in a Shed said...

Yes indeed I do, however my point is that Brown is deliberately misleading people with small distortions of the truth - which he must know are distortions. Since they subject he is talking about is something else he must reckon he can get away with it.

(There are in fact oil fields on the land in England some of which have been operating for many years).