Monday, April 14, 2008

More deception from Gordon, but is his subconscious trying to tell us something ?

Mr Brown has been told that the voters public are worried about the economy. So he's decided to tell everyone he's on their side. The faithful puppy dog article confirming this can be found at the left wing BBC here.

Gordon is of course telling more whoppers and sometimes you have to wonder why (Blair knew how to reassure without actually saying anything of substance ). Here are a few from the BBC's article:

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said he understands people's fears over the economy and insisted that keeping it on track was his "sole focus". Of course the Prime Minster could never be solely focused on the economy, at least not one who was sane and aware of his duties - that's the Chancellors job and even he has other things to think about. He could have said "Our top priority", or a blairesque "Economy, Economy, Economy", but instead Brown opts for the untruth. Sometime I think his subconscious is desperately trying to get a message out to us with these small untruths and mistakes.

    "We are on the side of home owners, business and individuals," he said. That's just bullshit - look at the HIPS , stamp duty raises, the savage anti-Southerner council tax rises, the abolition of the 10% tax rate etc etc.

    "We are going to continue, as we did when faced with difficult decisions in 1998 and 2004, to do everything in our power to keep the economy moving forward." What's this moving forward idea ? Again its like he's trying to tell us something without using the words. Moving forwards is an almost meaningless term and portrays the lack of confidence in using any other terms like growth for example.

Update Three Line Whip - also picked up on the "sole focus" lie.

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