Saturday, April 12, 2008

When is a plan not a plan ?

The following has been reported on the BBC's web site as of 14:53 Sat 12 Apr 08.

    Mosque denies call-to-prayer plan

    Muslims in Oxfordshire have denied they had plans to broadcast a call-to-prayer from their mosque.

    In January, there were reports of an application to attach a loudspeaker to the Central Mosque in Oxford.

    The Bishop of Oxford, Rt Revd John Pritchard received a death threat after he lent his support to the idea.

    But the mosque's treasurer, Masood Ahmed has now said no planning application to broadcast the call-to-prayer was made.[ But it seems it was considered and planning, by the mosque, started. ]

    Mr Ahmed said some members had considered having three two-minute calls a day or calls only on Fridays, and looked into the idea.

    He said they may have been "slightly misguided." [Only slightly - why that adjective ? Because it made it harder to get planning permission for the tall minutes needed to confirm Islams dominance over Oxford ? ]

    He told the BBC: "All we did was just inquire what the planning applications involved, and that was all, there wasn't any formal planning application whatsoever. [If the news hadn't leaked out, with the negative backlash I think we can reasonably assume they would probably have gone ahead.]

    Mr Massod is quoted as saying "We would have consulted our neighbours first before we went ahead". [ If that's consulted as in the governments definition then it means nothing at all - how is it possible to consult on something that either is or isn't.]

My comments are in grey in the above peace - key points as reported from Mr Massod are highlighting in yellow.

MiaS has the feeling that we are splitting hairs about when a plan is not a plan. Now words must not be put in someone else's mouth and the reporting of this case may have been selective to the point of being misleading ( though I have no reason to think its has been ), but it seems to me to be that Mr Massod desires that the Muslim supremacist call to prayer is broadcast three times a day. ( After all his colleagues were only slightly misguided.) He seems to me to be not denying this wish or that consideration of how to achieve this end had been developed (aka a plan). He is perhaps now willing to delay this aspect of the project while the main point of his desire for a Mosque to dominate the Oxford skyline is achieved. ( They can angle for further concessions latter. )

The headline "Mosque denies call-to-prayer plan" seems misleading, quite obviously so when any thought is given to the subject. Doesn't the BBC think these reports through - or does their agenda prevent them from telling the public things they think would be inconvenient for the public to hear ?


Dark_Heretic said...

1.) Get planning permission for the mosque first.
2.) Build mosque
3.) Wait for a cooling off period
4.) Apply to have calls to prayers broadcast.
5.) Answer critics with the mosque is already there so why can't we practice our faith?
6.) Get permission from council due to human right act to practice faith

Or does that sound to calculated and conspiracy theory'ish?

Semaj Mahgih said...

I think you had that one taped pretty well. The non-plan indeed.