Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The rape of the British State by Gordon Brown

We are told you always have the right to say no and that no means no.

Well not to Gordon Brown. He promised not to betray Britain to the EU Constitution without the peoples consent in his election manifesto. But then he hit on the rouse of claiming the same measures, using different words didn't amount to the same thing.

Its like saying rape isn't rape because you use a different word but carry out the same act.

The British state has had its sovereignty violated, its democracy defiled, by the man who claimed he had a moral compass and wanted straight politics. ( And then went on in PMQs as he so often does to spread further lies about the political manifesto of an opponent - not the first time he's done that either.)

Democracy cannot function when politicians lie like Gordon Brown does from his position as the unelected leader of the country.

As the state cannot reject the cancerous activities of the current quisling Labour government then the state itself will lose its legitimacy - just as it is handing its powers over to a foreign and alien power in Brussels.

Often the word shameless is used to describe New Labour and Gordon Brown - but some how its doesn't seem enough, they are traitors.

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