Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Budget: Misdirection, spin and leaks are in - must be bad

Misdirection: We've just discovered some schools insist on taking money of parents.

Of course the party of the London Oratory school knows this - as do lots of other left wingers. Its how they get around the prospect of destroying their children's education by leaving them at the mercy of the system. A mate of mine sends his kids to a state primary school that raises £1 million a year - and is populated by the offspring of BBC types, Guardian journalists etc.

Spin: its the world and specifically the American's fault - not ours. So the Treasury not paying of debt in the good times but splurging it on unreformed ( despite the usual Gordon Brown untruthful claim about continuing reform ) is the US fault eh ?

Leaks: Trying to control the news reports by leaking the move on fuel tax. Its just the sort of bypassing of parliament and spin that Gordon Brown promised to stop - but as we now know - he's a liar.


Anonymous said...

The London Oratory School does not force parents to donate money, either before, during or after the application process.

To suggest otherwise is plain pig ignorance and a slur on the integrity of the staff and trustees of the school.

If you had bothered to listen to any of the radio debates yesterday, or read any sensible newspaper (ie. not the terminally-jealous Daily Mail), then you would know that Catholic schools are not guilty.

I suggest you turn your invective instead towards the C of E, otherwise known as the Tory party at prayer.

Man in a Shed said...

The School my friend mentions is a Catholic school, since you raise the issue. Sorry but thats the case. I was telling him about a fete where we had managed to raise a few thousand for the PTA at my sons primary and he then mentioned the staggering scale of funding at the supposed state school his kids attend. I thought this was somewhat at variance to govt policy and asked about whether smart BBC types and othe rguardianistas send their chidlren there, and the answer was yes.

If anyone is casting slurs it is Ed Balls and co who announce the probelm, hint at its scale and the fact that the "faith schools and trust schools are to balme" but then refuse to give details.

I have no idea what you have to do to get your chidlren into the London Oratory school, but being prime minsiter seems to help.

My point is that there are some schools which get the benefit of funding from parents, but allow those parents to claim they are in the state sector.

Hyprocisy on educating your own chidlren is rife on the left - think Abbott, Kelly, Harman, Blair etc.

I wonder if Mr & Mrs Balls will be sending their children to a sink comprehensive with 80% of the pupils not having English as a first language. I bet they wont.

None of this is from the Daily Mail - I have eyes and ears of my own. Perosnally I prefer the Telegraph, occasionally the Times and the oddly excellent First Post as my MSM news outlets.

But of course the real reason for all this just now is divert attention from the massive economic mistakes Gordon Brown has made.