Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How about raising income tax ?

Now that might not seem the expect line from a somewhat right of centre blogger, however there is method in my madness, let me explain:

Gordon Brown has steathly increases the tax take from all of us, doing everything he can think of increase taxation without us realising it. He has stolen from our old age by increasing tax on our pensions ( and in passing reduced the value of the stock market causing negative feedback for pensioners - you can argue about how stocks should be valued, but this does seem to be an effect ). He has raised national insurance levels ( another name for income tax ). And most crippling of all council tax has increase by a staggering 50% - especially in areas that : Labour wish to tax disproportionately to punish them for being English or not voting Labour. And don't forget the anti South-East stamp duty rises.

All this deception has created deep problems in our society. The most obvious the damaged pensions and pensioners and the less obvious of making some voters think they can get something for nothing. Gordon Brown has picked our pockets without our noticing, but one day we'll wonder why the money is not there .

Hence George Osbourne should reverse as many of Gordon Brown's stealth tax rises as possible and increase income tax to cover the loss. I think the public would understand that this was a fairer and more honest thing to do. It would also expose Labour's deception that it has carried out over ten years.

There would then be wide spread support for reducing the size of the state - once people fully appreciate the cost of it.

Remember Mrs T raised income tax when she had to, to get the country out of the financial mess the last Labour government created.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Transparency seems to be a current 'in word' for politicians, lets have some transparency concerning all the hidden taxes this government have introduced.