Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Spin like Flint !

Carline Flint wins the spin de jour award for the following:

    She has suggested that council tenants ( people in state owned housing ) could lose their houses if they don't seek work. This is to deal with the nobody works around here mentality - apparently.

But hold on a minute - she's not giving an announcement of government policy. ( Though you have to wade a long way through any BBC presentations of this to find out ). And even the floated idea would only apply to new tenants - thereby taking a glacial period of time to actually make any difference. No we are told this is to "start a debate" - though what is has achieved is useful headlines just at the time that the Labour party is bullying the few MPs it has with any honour into being quiet about the betrayal of Britain and the Labour party manifesto by the coward Gordon Brown.

Its back to the mood music - pretending to tell the electorate something whilst committing to or doing nothing. ( Though as mentioned in the paragraph above the electorate should not believe what the Labour party say anyway.)

Its Tony Blair and the police marching offenders round to cash point machines.

Its why politics is despised by many of the English people. After all politics is just a PR and marketing exercise these days.

PS For those of you not as old as MiaS the 'like Flint' title is a pun on the film - In like Flint.

Update: According to the First Post Ms Flint has been freelancing and is gong to have to explain herself to a grump Broon soon !

I quote the relevant part of the well informed (about Labour politics that is) Mole:

    Meanwhile, Gordon Brown's day was ruined by his newly appointed Housing Minister, Caroline Flint, who decided to give the Guardian an interview in which she suggested that people living in council housing should be expected to actively seek work as a condition of their tenancy. "It's back to the days of the workhouse," was the word among angry Labour backbenchers today. Flint is expected to have to explain herself to her beleaguered boss.


Anonymous said...

I saw the headline in the papers this morning and immediately thought: they'll never go through with that.

Place your bets now.

Man in a Shed said...

Council housing is considered votes in the bag by the Labour party.

Turkeys voting for Christmas somehow comes to mind.

Mark M Heenan said...

This policy is a dream come true... for the BNP!

Imagine it: a white chav can't get housing because he can't be bothered to get a job, but a successful asylum seeker, who is banned from working despite being perfectly willing to do so, would HAVE to be housed on the basis of need.

While I agree with the theory of not giving state goodies to people who don't deserve them, this policy is simply a riot waiting to happen in practice.