Friday, February 29, 2008

The left want to destroy your child to help generate the socialist distopia they crave

Lefties keep dropping hints about the next bit of class war they want to get into. Yes its time to stick the middle classes children into sink schools to destroy their life chances. Only then will everyone perform so badly that socialism can be achieved.

Philip Hunter, England's chief schools adjudicator, says that choice is divisive. Whether that choice is by better information or by people competing economically by housing location.

So what is it about the less well performing schools that makes them perform badly ? Could it be the teachers ? In general I doubt it and so probably does Mr Hunter or else he would be calling for the rotation of teaching staff not pupils.

It might be ability - those who have able parents may tend to be more able themselves. Don't argue with me - argue with Charles Darwin. The left get very excited about creationism, but seem to believe in some sort of malevolent intelligent design in how children inherit their parents characteristics - ie only hair colour and features but not intelligence.

Given some random distribution of gifts surely the way forward would be keeping some places open at good schools for gifted children. Even assisted places ? But of course that doesn't meet the left 'hate' criteria - not enough people (preferably Tories) suffer that way. And anyway what about schools with less academically gifted children ?

The answer should be curriculum. Other countries show us that far more can be achieved with education and training than we manage. Forget the stupid plan for 50% to university and messing up the qualifications system to an extent that it can't be used to determine anything at all.

But none of this means anything without school discipline. And the government through human rights legislation and the educational establishment has made the control of children nearly impossible in some areas. At best schools can just contain them.

As I have said before one child can ruin the education of the other 29. Spread everyone out by lottery and nobody learns, everyone suffers and the misery of socialism will truly have arrived.

Behaviour is the problem - not class, schools, teachers or money. But our liberal politicians have constructed a system of laws and polices which preclude solving this issue.

And they wonder why professional English people are emigrating ! Soon it will be the only sane action for someone who doesn't want their children's future destroyed by the left. (You can be sure people will already be relocating away from Brighton.)


As an aside this looks very interesting. Perhaps its part of the inspiration for the academy programme. The bit I like is it doesn't throw kids on the street at 2:30pm like my local secondary does ! ( Also see ABC's news report here ). This sort of approach is much more positive than the lets wreck things for everyone approach the vindictive left wants.

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