Friday, February 29, 2008

Channel 4 news are a disgrace on Prince Harry

I've just stopped watching channel 4 news trying to stir up trouble between British Muslims and Prince Harry.

They dug out Catherine Heseltine - who is a spokesperson for some Muslim group who tried to dance on the head of a pin and use words to confuse fighting the Taliban and civilians. She a disgrace to herself.

But the Channel 4 tried their luck at Friday prayers. The reported Muslim responses were sensible and even patriotic. It seemed people understood he was part of the army and that's what's the army's doing there - no luck for Jon Snow there.

But then he could hardly contain himself interviewing some left wing politician and an ex-Islamacist. The Muslim man was again reasonable - measured and the the point - the only extreme stuff came from Jon Snow's questions or the white left wing bloke they had on.

Frankly this is some of the worst trawling for a particular view point in the most disgusting and irresponsible manner I have ever seen on Channel 4 news.

They should fire Jon Snow for it. Frankly the extremists are the editorial staff and presenters of Channel 4 news !

Update See also Charles Moore of the Daily Telegraph who's not impressed by Jon Snow either.

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