Sunday, February 03, 2008

Immoral Labour support illegal polygamy with your cash

Although perhaps nothing should surprise you for how Labour is willing to use your cash and destroy our culture and laws to buy votes and keep their useless career politicians in power this bit of caving in is surprising by its early arrival.

Labour is now paying benefits to multiple wives - i.e. state support for polygamy. Despite the fact its illegal !!!! ( Though Labour politicians do seem to think that the law only applies to other people these days.)

I hope those deluded people who call themselves Christian Socialists now realise the monster they are supporting.

MiaS predicted this would come a year ago- there is nothing - nothing - that Labour wouldn't defile, sacrifice or otherwise debase in our country for a few more grubby days in power.

Remember Jan last year:

    Next in line for legalisation:

    Polygamy : If you have no Christian basis for your laws then I just don't see how this can be refused. Also why shouldn't polygamous families not adopt also ? Only Christian families will be forbidden to adopt - in case the child they parent should 'want to be gay'. ( My Brother's family were given pushed back from fostering for just this reason. )

    Christians in the Labour party need to ask themselves if they can in all conscience stay in a party that is so devoted to attacking their faith.

And of course as the cowards they are Labour ministers have sought to keep this quiet. They govern by spin, disinformation and special favours handing over centuries of traditions and laws for a few grubby votes.


Mark M Heenan said...

"Polygamy : If you have no Christian basis for your laws then I just don't see how this can be refused."

I don't think that's accurate. Marriage is a contract, so marrying someone while already married is a breach of contract, whatever your beliefs.

Man in a Shed said...

I guess it depends what's in that contract then, which in turn depends on the law.

Our law in England has been one man one wife for as long as England has existed. It is based on our Christian heritage and the protestant Christian religion which constitutes our state and without which the state has no authority in law or legitimacy. These are matter of fact - regardless of how well known and understood they are.

The Daily Pundit said...

I blame the mamas and the papas. And Timothy Leary and his tuning in and turning off. Or was it the other way round?