Friday, February 01, 2008

Big ears starts sharpening his knives again for a slice of Kirkcaldy haggis

Mr Clarke has said the following:

    "Labour has wasted much of the first half of this parliament. With some exceptions, our action to make the necessary changes has been insufficient. And now it seems to me that Labour still remains very unclear about our approach, both in this parliament and the next."
(emphasis mine.)

Given the 10 years Broon had to broad over what to do when he was crowned PM and the coup he tried to grinningly carry out but then bottled almost 2 years ago this is damning.

Frankly this is the governments own MPs saying it is not fit for purpose ( where is John Reid when you need him ? ).

Man in a Shed thinks another coup is in the planning ....

Update: And its seems the native slaves inside the government are restless also - see this from the Mole at the First Post.

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